Blackjack Soho

Playtech is one of the gaming studios which make every effort so as to ensure that avid casino fans will have the time of their life while availing themselves in their favorite games. Blackjack Soho is one of the latest releases of the gaming studio, and it is built around providing players with a truly authentic experience. The game is played with 8 standard decks of 52 cards, and it boasts an RTP of 99.5%. According to the rules of the game, the dealer needs to stand on all 17s.

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Doubling Down

Casino lovers who are intrigued by blackjack, and who wish to enjoy themselves during their gambling adventure might find Playtech’s Blackjack Soho an appealing option. Gamblers are allowed to choose between several Blackjack Soho tables which are streamed directly from the studio of the company in Romania. If you are passionate about blackjack, you might be thrilled to bits to find out that these tables are available around the clock, and that they can host a maximum of 7 players.

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One of the most essential things we should clarify is that in Blackjack Soho, the cards are dealt in European style. In other words, the dealer will get his/her second card as soon as all players have resolved on their moves.

Apart from the experience the game delivers, we should also pay attention to its rules. As it was already stated, the dealer is required to stand on all 17s. When it comes to the options blackjack lovers are presented with, we should mention that they are allowed to double down even after they have split their hand. It is important to note, however, that if you decide to give Blackjack Soho a shot, you will have the chance to double down, irrespective of the cards your hand consists of. It is also worth mentioning that when you decide to double down, you will be given an additional card, but you will need to make a stake which is twice as bigger as your original wager.


As long as you are playing Blackjack Soho, and the hand you are initially dealt consists of cards of the same value, you will be given the chance to split them. Still, gamblers should not forget that if they take advantage of this option, they will need to cast a second bet which is equal-sized with their original stake. As soon as you split your hand, you will receive two more cards so as to complete your new hands. Still, gambling devotees should be informed that while playing Blackjack Soho, they will not be permitted to re-split their hands.

In the event that initially, you were dealt two Aces, and you have decided to split them, you should be aware that you will not be allowed to hit. Instead, you will get one card for every Ace.

It is also essential to commit to your mind that once you have split your hand, and you receive an Ace and a card the value of which is ten, you should not jump the gun to rejoice as such hands are considered 21, instead of blackjack.
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Insurance Bet

In the event that the dealer has an Ace, blackjack lovers are given the opportunity to make an insurance bet. Thus, as long as the dealer has a blackjack, the payout gambling enthusiasts will get is 2:1. Still, players should not forget that if they wish to take advantage of this option, they will need to make an additional stake which is one half of their first wager. Another thing which should also be noted is that as long as the dealer does not have a blackjack, you will automatically lose your additional bet.

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Blackjack Soho Side Bets

What makes Playtech’s Blackjack Soho even more intriguing are the side bets which are at players’ disposal. One of the options blackjack lovers are presented with is the 21+3 bet thanks to which they can enjoy more bountiful rewards. If you are a total rookie at wagering on blackjack, you should know that if you cast such a stake, you are wagering that the hand you are originally dealt along with the first card of the dealer will create a specific three-card poker hand.

Blackjack fans will enjoy a payout, provided that there is a Flush, a Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, or Suited Three of a Kind.

Apart from this side bet, while playing Blackjack Soho, gamblers can also decide in favor of Perfect Pairs. This is one of the most ubiquitous side bets one can make use of. When making such a bet, blackjack devotees are making a stake that their first card and the first card of the dealer will form a pair from the same suit.

While playing Blackjack Soho, gamblers are also allowed to make wagers on the hands of the other players or in other words, to bet behind.