21+3 Blackjack

If you enjoy both poker and blackjack, you can also enjoy a combination of two classic casino games. Thanks to Playtech’s 21+3™ Blackjack players have the chance to make their typical betting a lot more exciting. Whenever you play at a Live Casino powered by Playtech, you will be able to make the side bet 21+3 while playing blackjack.

The standard live blackjack tables of Playtech accept 7 players at once and there is also the option of bet behind. The RTP of this game is estimated to be 99.58% which is a percentage that promises good outcomes to players. The game is played with 8 standard decks, comprised of 52 playing cards.

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Standing on 21+3™ Blackjack

One of the key rules that players must be well aware before they join a certain blackjack table is whether the dealer stands or hits on 17. As it was mentioned earlier, this is a live-dealer game where up to 7 players can join the table at once and like all other 7-seat live blackjack tables of Playtech it shares the same rules.

Whenever the dealer is holding a hand that totals to 17, the dealer must stand. This rule applies to both soft and hard 17 and it gives players a rather big advantage. As the dealer does not have the opportunity to improve his/her hand once he/she has 17, players have better chances of forming a winning hand.

Doubling on 21+3™ Blackjack

Whenever you feel confident in your hand, you can also make use of the option to double down. While there are often blackjack variations that will allow you to double on certain totals, with 21+3™ Blackjack you will have the opportunity to double on any two cards. This option will allow you to enjoy better payouts if your hand really turns out to be a winning one.

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The rule about doubling on any two cards also applies to cases when you have split your cards and bet on two hands. This means that you can also double on your newly formed hands. Since you are not restricted about the total on which you can double your stake, you can enjoy more chances for landing greater payouts.

Splitting Hands on 21+3™ Blackjack

As it was mentioned earlier, players can make use of the double down option even after a split. When they draw two cards which form a pair, blackjack players will be able to split the pair and form two separate hands. They will have to make the same bet on their second hand and they will be allowed to draw several cards. While players are also allowed to split Aces, in such cases, they will be able to draw only a single card to their split hands.

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Although blackjack fans will be allowed to split any pair, they will not have the chance to re-split their hands. Ultimately, 21+3™ Blackjack players will be able to bet on up to two hands at once if they decide to split their hand.

The 21+3 Side Bet

Of course, one of the most intriguing things about this game is the side bet that it allows players to make. In addition to the standard game of blackjack and the typical payout of 3 to 2 for a blackjack, players can enjoy a generous bonus if they win the 21+3 side bet.

After they have placed their main bet, players can decide to make this side bet which applies on their first two cards and the faceup card of the dealer. If you decide to make the 21+3 side bet, there are several options that will guarantee you a win. If your first two cards and the dealer’s card are of the same value and the same suit, you can enjoy the generous payout of 100 to 1. If your initial hand and the dealer’s first card for Three of a Kind but are not suited, you will still get paid but the prize will be 30 times your stake.

Provided your two cards and the faceup card of the dealer are in consecutive order and of the same suit (Straight Flush), you will enjoy a payout of 40 to 1. If the three cards are in consecutive order but of different suits (Straight), then you will be paid 10 to 1 and if the three cards are of different valued but of the same suit (Flush), you will enjoy a payout of 5 to 1.