Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack is one of the more outlandish variations of blackjack that you will find on the Internet. Inspired by Spanish Blackjack, the Double Attack variation by Playtech takes numerous features from that version to form a unique and intriguing package. Double Attack Blackjack is played with eight 48-card decks, where all the 10s have been removed, and the dealer will stand on soft 17s. Double Attack Blackjack by Playtech comes with a high RTP value of 99.50%, ranking among the highest in the online gambling industry. Having covered the most fundamental aspects of the game, below, we will take a more in-depth approach to the game’s rules and how they affect the general gameplay.

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Basic Rules and Payouts

Playing Double Attack Blackjack is not only fun and exciting but also quite simple. The basic premise of the game remains unchanged from the classic version – beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Important to note is that this game does not feature any 10s, slightly reducing the pool of cards that you can use to form a blackjack hand. In Double Attack, blackjack can only be formed with an Ace and a face card. Moreover, the payout for blackjack is even money, unlike most other variations. At face value, this is particularly bad, even worse than the often-criticized 6:5 payout ratio for blackjack. Still, there are other rules that will shift the odds in your favor.

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The Double Attack side bet for which the game is named is available on every hand after the dealer has drawn their first card. It is optional and you place it alongside your original wager. The Double Attack is not Insurance, Doubling Down, or anything of that sort. It is won and lost according to the base game’s rules. Basically, if you win your main bet, you will also win the Double Attack and receive even money.

The Bust It! side bet is the main factor that separates this game from other blackjack variations. It is optional and is only available once you have placed your main wager. The idea behind it is that the dealer will go over 21 with exactly three cards. Depending on the card they bust with, you will be eligible for a payout. A Face card will provide you with 3:1, a Nine will pay 6:1, an Eight will net you an appropriate 8:1, a Seven pays 10:1, and finally, a Six will reward you with 15:1.

However, it does not end there. If the dealer draws three Eight cards of the same color you are eligible for a 50:1 payout. If by chance the Eights are all of the same color, you get to take home 200:1. Something more to note about the Bust It! bet is that it will be settled even if you choose to surrender.


Insurance is available in Double Attack Blackjack whenever the dealer draws an Ace as their first card. This gives you some sort of protection against a dealer’s blackjack. The Insurance bet consist of half the standard bet and will be won if the dealer hits blackjack. Interestingly enough, Double Attack Blackjack features a higher payout ratio than the standard 2:1. If the dealer hits a blackjack, you will receive a 5:2 payout, allowing you to make some profit on the side bet. This is not usually the case in more traditional blackjack titles and it actually gives you some incentive to take the Insurance when it pops up.

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Double Down

Doubling down is a vital part of blackjack and it plays an even more important role in Double Attack Blackjack. You can Double on any hand you are dealt, as long as you have not taken any action. You will be dealt one more card to the appropriate hand and you will stand. Furthermore, you can also Double on split hands and on the Double Attack side bet.
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Splitting is an interesting feature in any blackjack game and it can lead to some great wins if you know what you are doing. When you are dealt a hand of the same cards, you can choose to split them into two separate hands. You place an additional bet equal to the main bet for the second hand and the two become completely separate from each other. From then on, you can take action on each hand, including more splits. You can have up to four hands at a time in Double Attack Blackjack and you can Double after a split. However, if you split a pair of Aces, you will be dealt one more card to each and then stand.
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Surrender is available in Double Attack Blackjack whenever you feel that a hand is not worth playing out. If you choose to take this action you will recoup 50% of the initial bet value and forfeit the other half. Moreover, the game will also allow you to reclaim half of the Double Attack side bet if you have placed one.

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Double Attack Blackjack House Edge and RTP

Of course, before you play any casino game you should before familiar with the house edge and the RTP values, so that you have a better idea of what you are getting into. The base game and the Double Attack side bet come with RTP percentage of 99.5%, though this does not apply to the Bust It!. The Bust It! features an 8.01% house edge, significantly more than the base game. It is a fun bet but not one that you should take lightly.