American Blackjack

Those who are true fans of the classic game of 21 will definitely appreciate American Blackjack powered by Playtech. The virtual blackjack table entices with a slick design which resembles the game you are used to seeing at classy land-based casinos.

American Blackjack is played with six standard decks which consist of 52 playing cards. This blackjack variation offers a great expected return of 99.57% which is an excellent reason to give the game a try. The payout for a blackjack is the standard one of 3 to 2.

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Standing on American Blackjack

This is a variation of the game of 21 which utilizes the standard rules of blackjack. One of the main things you should know about the specifics of American Blackjack is that it incorporates the rule of the dealer always standing on 17.

Since the dealer stands on a hand totaling 17, whether it is soft or hard, gives the house a lower advantage. Thanks to the rule of always standing on all 17s, the dealer’s hand cannot be improved, while players have a better chance of forming a better hand.

Doubling on American Blackjack

One of the betting options that players can make use of while playing American Blackjack is doubling their initial bet. If you feel confident in the hand you are holding, you will be able to double on any two cards that you are holding. This will allow you to enjoy better payouts if you end up winning. In addition to being able to double down on any two cards, you will also have the chance to use this betting option after splitting.

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One interesting thing about the double down feature is that when the dealer is holding an Ace and you decide to double down, a dealer’s blackjack will cost you your entire doubled bet. However, if the dealer’s faceup card is a 10 and you double up your wager, you will lose only your initial bet if the dealer really holds a blackjack.

Splitting on American Blackjack

As it was previously mentioned, one can double their wager even after they split their hand. When it comes to splitting, players can make use of this option on any pair they draw. After they have formed new hands, they can draw several cards. However, if you split Aces, you will be able to draw only a single card. Once you have split your hand, you will not be able to use this option again which will allow you to play only with up to two hands after a split.

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Insurance and Surrender on American Blackjack

One of the additional bets that American Blackjack is allowing is taking insurance. This means that if the dealer’s faceup card is Ace, players can opt for making an insurance bet. If you opt for this type of additional wager, you will have to stake half of your original bet. Provided the game really ends in a dealer blackjack, those who have taken insurance will enjoy a payout of 2 to 1. This outcome would mean that players will actually restore what they have lost and will avoid wasting their original bet. However, if the dealer does not end up with a blackjack, then this type of bet is lost.

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In addition to insurance, players can also take advantage of early surrender. This is an option which will allow those who are uncertain in their hand to quit and lose only half of their bet. Early surrender is taken right after the player has received his/her hand and before there is a dealer peek for a blackjack.

Since there is no peeking for a blackjack in American Blackjack, there is no late surrender option in the game. This means that those who do not make use of the first option will have to continue playing and risk losing their entire bet. Both insurance and early surrender are risky bets and you have to be very sure before making any one of them. This being said, many players might appreciate that they are given these options while betting on American Blackjack.

The 10-Card Charlie Rule

One very interesting payout that extremely lucky players may enjoy is when they form the so-called 10-card Charlie hand. This is a hand comprised of 10 cards which have a total which is lower than 21. While it is very hard to draw 10 cards on blackjack without going bust, it is not an outcome which is entirely impossible. Having a 10-card Charlie automatically beats any dealer hand, except for a blackjack.