Lounge Blackjack

Fans of Live Blackjack will definitely enjoy a very exciting experience thanks to the software solutions of Playtech. Among the numerous options in the live-dealer lobby of Playtech, you will come across Lounge Blackjack.

This game is streamed from the company’s European studios but it allows players to choose whether they would prefer to play the European or the American style of blackjack. This is one of Playtech’s standard blackjack live tables that accepts up to seven players at once. There is, however, the option to bet behind which allows you to follow the betting pattern of one of the players that have joined the table. The Lounge Blackjack variation is played with 8 standard 52-card decks. The estimated RTP of Lounge Blackjack is 99.5% which is definitely a great percentage.

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Standing Rule on Lounge Blackjack

One of the most important things that players should know when they are researching about certain blackjack variations is the rule about hitting and standing. Usually, a total of 17 will either prompt the dealer to stand or to hit. In Lounge Blackjack the dealer is required to hit on a hand totaling 16 or less. However, when he/she is holding 17, whether it is soft or hard, the dealer must stand.

This rule is advantageous to blackjack players as the dealer has no chance to improve his/her hand. Meanwhile, while using a perfect strategy, the player might make the right decision which will lead to beating the hand of the dealer. What is more, some variations of blackjack have the dealer stand only on hard 17 and hit on soft 17 which is formed with an Ace. In this live-dealer version, however, the standing rule applies to all 17s.

Doubling on Lounge Blackjack

When playing Lounge Blackjack, players will be able to make use of the betting option to double down. The great thing is that doubling is possible on any two cards which often is not an option on other blackjack variations.

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In addition to doubling on any two cards, players will also have the chance to double down after they have split their cards. If you feel confident in your win, then the opportunity to be able to double down on every total that you are holding is a great advantage. The fact that you are not restricted to double only when you are holding only a certain total, gives you more freedom which is definitely a perk you cannot enjoy with every blackjack variation.

Splitting on Lounge Blackjack

Another important betting option that players are always interested in is splitting. Whenever you draw two cards of the same value, you will be able to split them and bet on two hands at the same time. When you split a hand, you place the same bet of your first hand on your newly formed second one. Whenever you split your cards, you can draw several cards on each hand. This rule, however, does not apply when you split Aces. In this case, you will be able to draw only one card to each of your two hands.

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Unfortunately, once you have taken advantage of this option, you will not be allowed to re-split your hand. This means that players will have the chance to bet on up to two hands when they play Lounge Blackjack.

Insurance Option on Lounge Blackjack

Whenever the dealer draws an Ace, players are allowed to take insurance. This will allow them to receive a payout if the dealer happens to have a blackjack. When you play Lounge Blackjack, if you decide to make use of this betting option, you will have to wager half the amount of your original bet. If the dealer really happens to have a blackjack, you will receive a payout of 2 to 1 on your insurance bet which will actually mean that you will be able to restore your original stake. Be aware that if the dealer actually does not end up with a blackjack, you will end up losing your insurance bet.
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Side Bets on Lounge Blackjack

In addition to the main bet that players make when they play Lounge Blackjack, they will also be able to make side bets which offer bonus payouts for certain hands. One of the additional bets that players can make is 21+3 which is a wager based on the two initial cards of the player and the upcard of the dealer.

If you decide to make the 21+3 bet, you will be rewarded if your two cards, along with the dealer’s first card are of the same value and suit, are three of a kind, are in consecutive order and of the same suit, or in consecutive order but of different suits, are all three of the same suit.

In Lounge Blackjack, there is also the chance to make a Perfect Pairs side bet. It will allow you to wager additional money on the possibility of your first two cards being a pair. It is another wonderful opportunity to enjoy bonus payouts and make your blackjack game more exciting.