Perfect Blackjack

As long as you are on the lookout for the ambiance of brick-and-mortar casinos, but you wish to have the freedom to wager from the comfort of your surroundings, you should contemplate giving Perfect Blackjack a go. The game is delivered by the renowned provider Playtech, and its RTP goes as high as 99.58%. In Perfect Blackjack, six standard decks are utilized. Please note that in this game, the dealer needs to stand on all 17s. Players who have chosen the game have a good shot at sweeping even more rewards thanks to add-ons such as the side bets they are presented with. When we add the first-class look of the game, we will get precisely what the operator offers.

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Doubling Down

It is safe to say that one of the things which make this rendition of the game of 21 so absorbing is that it allows blackjack lovers to play up to five hands simultaneously. When it comes to the objective of the game, players should rest easy that it remains unchanged due to the fact that they should endeavor to beat the hand of the dealer by getting as close to 21 as they can.

double down move

Inexperienced players should rest assured that there are not any complex twists in the rules of the game. As we explained above, the dealer is required to stand on all 17s, and to draw to 16. In the event that you have got a blackjack in the opening hand, you will be paid out straight away.

The moves avid casino fans can select from are not different either as they can double down even if they have decided to split their hand. It is essential to clarify that players are entitled to double down, provided that the total of their hand is either 10 or 11. Another thing which should also be mentioned is that if they have split a hand which is made up of two Aces, players will be allowed to double down, but they will receive only one additional card.


As long as you have got two cards of the same value, the best thing you can do is to split them so as to form two separate hands. Luckily, there are not any restrictions when it comes to the pairs gamblers can split. Still, some players might not be satisfied when they find out that in Perfect Blackjack, they are not allowed to re-split their hands.

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Blackjack lovers should be aware that if they have managed to collect 10 cards without going bust, they will enjoy a payout as well. For beginners, this is called a 10-card Charlie.

Insurance Bet

While playing Perfect Blackjack, gamblers can remain on the safe side thanks to the insurance bet they can go for. This option is at hand when the face-up card of the dealer is an Ace. As long as this comes about, you will need to put on the line one half of your original stake so as to protect yourself if the dealer has a blackjack. In the event that blackjack comes out, you will be paid out 2:1. Otherwise, you will lose your bet.

insurance move

Perfect Blackjack Side Bets

If you are seeking to make your betting session even more exhilarating, you might find the side bets Perfect Blackjack supports intriguing. While availing yourself in the game, you will have the opportunity to make a wager on the player’s pair, and on the dealer’s pair, meaning that your stake will be a winning one, provided that your hand or the hand of the dealer forms a pair. Still, you should not forget that these bets will be available once you have made your original bet.

As long as your opening hand or the opening hand of the dealer is made up of cards of the same value, but their color and suit are dissimilar, the payout you should expect is 6:1. Such pairs are also known as red/black pairs. As long as the pair is colored, or in other words, it is made up of cards of the same color, but which have different suits, you will be paid out 12:1. In the event that the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand consists of cards of the same value and the same suit, this will be a Perfect Pair, and you will be paid out 25:1.

Blackjack lovers should know that if they prefer, they can go for both of the side bets at the same time.