Super Fun 21

Created by leading casino software provider Microgaming, Super Fun 21 is an exciting online blackjack variation that is based on the American-style blackjack but introduces some interesting bonus payouts. The game is played with just one deck of cards and is available only in single-hand mode.

Microgaming’s Super Fun 21 closely resembles the classic American blackjack – it uses the so-called hole card and the dealer can peek for blackjack when his first card is either Ace or a 10-value card. It is also played in the same manner so most fans of the traditional game should find no difficulties playing Super Fun 21. The aim is, once again, to beat the dealer and not bust your hand but in this game, it may be better to rely on the bonus payouts rather than the regular ones – here, blackjack pays evenly.

Another rule to keep in mind is that the dealer hits on soft 17. Insurance and Surrender are also available. Based on these rules and the specific payouts in this Super Fun 21, the average return of 99.10% is lower than the RTP rates in most blackjack games.

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Standing and Hitting in Super Fun 21

Just like in classic blackjack, the game starts when the player places a bet and the dealer deals the cards. The initial cards are very important as they determine whether the player would want to Hit (to draw more cards) or Stand (to refuse additional cards). When you Hit, you receive another card to your hand. Due to the even payout for blackjack and the higher bonus payouts, however, many players would prefer to Hit even on high hands such as 18 and 19. When you choose to Stand, you are not dealt any more cards and your turn ends.

Splitting in Super Fun 21

Most blackjack players prefer to take advantage of the Split feature. It allows them to divide the initial hand they were dealt into two hands but only in case the two cards are of the same denomination or value. In other words, if the two cards you receive at the beginning of the round form a pair, you can split the pair, placing a second bet equal to your original bet.

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Typically, there are various restrictions on the Splitting rules but in Super Fun 21 Blackjack, there are none. Players are allowed to make up to 3 splits per round. In addition, they can re-split Aces, which usually is not allowed. In most games, when you split Aces, you can get only one additional card to the new hands and then, your turn is over. In this variation of blackjack, however, you can Hit or Double on split Aces, which brings us to the next option in the game.

Doubling in Super Fun 21

The other feature available in Super Fun 21 is Doubling or Doubling Down. With it, players can double down on their bet. This option is available on any number of cards unlike in many variations of blackjack where you can Double only on your first two cards. Here, you can also Double after a Split and doubling on split Aces is even allowed. There are some restrictions, however.

Players can Double only once per hand and once they click the Double button, only one card will be dealt and their turn will be over.

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Buying Insurance in Super Fun 21

When the dealer’s up card is an Ace, players are given the option to insure against dealer blackjack. The Insurance is a side bet, which is equal to half of the original stake, and it is independent from it. When taking this bet, players simply bet that the dealer will have blackjack – if he does, they lose their original bet but they win the Insurance, which pays 2:1. If the dealer does not have blackjack, however, players lose the Insurance bet – if their hand is lower than the dealer’s, they will also lose their original stake.

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Late Surrender in Super Fun 21

With this option, players give up half their bet in order not to play out their hand – and potentially lose it. Surrender is available at any time – at the beginning of the round, after hitting or even after doubling down. In this case, it is referred to as Double Down Rescue. Late Surrender is also allowed.

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Bonus Payouts in Super Fun 21

As we have mentioned above, the payout for blackjack in this game is even (1:1), which is less than the payout in the standard version of the game (2:1). Insurance and a regular win, however, pay the same, 2:1 and 1:1, respectively. This game becomes quite exciting due to the additional bonus payouts, which are given when the player has one of several possible hands:

  • Player Blackjack in Diamonds – 2:1
  • 5-Card or More 21 – 2:1
  • 6-Card or More 20 or less – 1:1

As you can see, you win instantly if your hand consists of 6 cards or more and its value is 20 or less. All these bonus payouts seem attractive but they do not apply after doubling down. Another rule to remember is that player blackjack always beats dealer blackjack.