Spanish Blackjack

One very exciting variation of blackjack that Microgaming is offering to players is Spanish Blackjack. It is a single-hand version of the game of 21 and the objective is to beat the hand of the dealer. There are 8 Spanish decks, each comprised of 48 cards since the 10s are omitted from the decks. While players might think that they are slightly at a disadvantage, having less 10-value cards in the deck, there are rules which are very beneficial to them.

One of the unique rules of Spanish Blackjack is that whenever the player has a blackjack vs a dealer’s blackjack, the player automatically wins. The same applies to a player’s 21 versus a dealer’s 21. The RTP of Spanish Blackjack is estimated to be 99.58% which offers players pretty good expected return. Like any standard blackjack game, Spanish Blackjack pays 3 to 2 for a blackjack.

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Soft 17 Rule in Spanish Blackjack

One of the most important things that you should consider when playing any blackjack version is whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17. In Spanish Blackjack, the dealer hits until the total of his cards reaches 16 or more. In addition to that, whenever the dealer holds soft 17, he is also required to hit. This is definitely a feature which gives the house a better advantage but the other rules of the game definitely compensate for that.

Double Down Option in Spanish Blackjack

One of the betting options that you can use when playing Spanish Blackjack is to double your wager when you are certain that you are holding a winning hand. While some variations of the game of 21 allow doubling only on a certain total, in Spanish Blackjack, you can use this option on any combination of cards. In addition to being able to double on any two cards, players will also have the chance to re-double once. This may lead to a very lucrative payout, provided the player wins the game.

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After players have doubled down, they will be able to surrender which is not possible at many blackjack games. Another very advantageous option that players of Spanish Blackjack will be able to make use of is doubling down after they have split their hands. This rule also applies to split Aces which is definitely a rare advantage that players can enjoy when playing blackjack.

Splitting in Spanish Blackjack

Another option that players will be able to explore and use when playing Spanish Blackjack is splitting their pairs. Whenever players are dealt two cards of the same value, they will be able to split them and form two separate hands. Once you have made use of this feature, you will have to repeat your original bet and apply it on your newly formed hand. While enjoying this version of blackjack, players will be able to split their cards up to three times which means that it is possible to bet on up to four hands at once. Aces can also be re-split which is not a feature that is often possible on blackjack.

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You can draw several cards after you have split your hands. The great thing is that this rule also applies to split Aces, unlike other games where players are restricted to a single draw of cards to split Aces.

Surrender Rule in Spanish Blackjack

Whenever players do not feel good about the cards they are dealt with in Spanish Blackjack, they have the option to surrender. This will cost them half of their wager but they will be able to save the other half. In addition to this early surrender which is done right after players are dealt their cards, there is also an option known as ‘double down rescue’. This type of surrender is possible after players have doubled on their hands and is a very advantageous feature for players of Spanish Blackjack.

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Insurance in Spanish Blackjack

When playing this variation of blackjack, you can also take insurance. This is a type of bet you can make whenever the dealer’s faceup card is an Ace. If you decide to take insurance, you will have to make an additional bet which is half the size of your original one. If the dealer’s hand turns out to be a blackjack, you will win the insurance bet which pays 2 to 1. Players are advised to be careful with this bet, however, as they can often lose it when the hole card of the dealer is not actually a 10-valued card.

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