High Streak Blackjack

Blackjack lists among the oldest casino games as its history can be traced back to the 17th century. One of the main reasons why the game has managed to retain its popularity throughout the years is that it is played at quite a fast pace. The relatively small house edge also keeps lovers of the game motivated and exhilarated.

It is safe to say that throughout the years, many variations of the classic casino game saw the light of the day. High Streak Blackjack can be easily described as one of the most thrilling blackjack games as it gives players the opportunity to sweep a pretty penny thanks to the side bet they can decide in favor of.

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How to Play High Streak Blackjack

Playing High Streak Blackjack is an absolute breeze due to the fact that it bears a close resemblance with European Blackjack. If the game has grabbed your attention, you should know that it is played with two decks of 52 cards each which will be reshuffled after every round. Players should keep in mind that for their most part, these games are available in single-hand variants, meaning that more often than not, they will be allowed to play only one hand at a time. Although the table players are presented with is green-felt, upon loading the game, it will hit you that it features several additional fields thanks to which gamblers will be able to make the additional bet, and thus to enjoy ever more generous wins.

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The objective of the game remains pretty much standard due to the fact that players are required to beat the hand of the dealer, without forming a hand the value of which goes beyond 21. It is worth noting, however, that while playing High Streak Blackjack, there is not a hole card, meaning that the dealer will get only one card which is face up.

Just like most of the other variations which stick to the European rules, in this variation the dealer will be required to stand on all 17s. Players should be informed that they will have the chance to split only if they are dealt cards of the same denomination, but they should know that the option to re-split is unavailable. Other than that, they will have the chance to double down, provided that they have a hard hand the value of which is 9, 10, or 11, and in such cases, they will get one more card. Still, blackjack lovers are not allowed to double down as long as they have already split their hand.

In the event that the dealer has got an Ace, players can make an insurance bet which will run up to half of the amount they have initially put on the line, and the payout for such stakes is 2:1.

Unlike some of the other variations of the classic casino game, in High Streak Blackjack, the option to surrender is not at hand.

The High Streak Side Bet

It is true to say that the biggest peculiarity of High Streak Blackjack stems from the fact that gambling devotees can qualify for bonus payouts, provided that they have made an additional bet. Please note that this side bet is not compulsory, meaning that it is up to you to decide whether you will make use of it.

As soon as you load the game, you will notice that the table layout features some extra fields. Apart from the regular field which is reserved for your bets, you will notice that right next to it, there is a field which is labeled “High Streak Bet”. In the event that you wish to enjoy even more prizes, you should position some of your chips in this field as well before you have received your cards. Other than that, blackjack lovers should be aware that prior to making this side bet, they should cast a regular bet. The High Streak will be initiated after your second consecutive win.

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As likely as not, you have noticed that the High-streak betting area is made up of five fields. Each time your wager wins, your side bet will move to the neighboring field. In other words, the rewards you will get will be determined by the number of consecutive wins you have managed to score. The more wins you enjoy in a row, the better the rewards will be. It is important to note that starting from the second Streak, blackjack fans will be granted a payout each time when they manage to make their way to the next field. Provided that you have managed to score a win on your fifth streak, you will have your funds returned. Gamblers should be conscious that if they have made a losing stake, the High Streak round will be discontinued straight off, and all the bets they have made will be removed from the table.

As long as you have split your hand, whether or not your side bet will move to the next field depends solely on the number of credits you have managed to bag. Your side bet will be transferred to the neighboring field, provided that your total bet amount is smaller than the number of credits you have been awarded. In the event that the total bet amount is larger than the number of credits you have got, your side bets will be removed. Your side bet will remain intact if the total bet amount coincides with the number of credits you are rewarded.

High Streak Blackjack Payouts

Before you avail yourself in High Streak Blackjack, you should be mindful that checking the house edge of your game of choice is always a must. Although traditionally, the game of blackjack boasts a small house edge, the availability of the side bets we elaborated on undoubtedly works to house’s advantage. That is the reason why many old hands at gambling will endeavor to talk you out of making use of these side bets.

As long as you have managed to form a blackjack, the payout you will enjoy will be 3:2. Insurance bets, on the other hand, will pay 2:1. When it comes to the bonus payouts, blackjack lovers need to know that for a second streak win, the payout will be 1:1, whereas for a third streak win it will be 2: 1. If you manage to score a win on your 4th streak, you will be paid out 5:1, and a win on your 5th streak will bring you a payoff of 10:1. Avid blackjack lovers should also remember that the RTP of such games is something of the order of 99.59%.