Perfect Pairs Blackjack

If you are a real blackjack buff, you might be keen on giving Perfect Pairs Blackjack by RealTime Gaming a try. Blackjack mavens will undoubtedly feel as if they are in a casino establishment thanks to the amazing graphics of the game. The green-felt table is recreated to the smallest detail, and if you take a closer look at it, you will notice that all its mandatory elements are in hand.

In Perfect Pairs Blackjack by RealTime Gaming, six regular decks of 52 playing cards will be employed. What makes the game even more alluring are the side bets gamblers can cash in on. The game has an expected return to player of 99.46%, which is the reason why you should consider giving it a shot. If you manage to hit a blackjack, you will be paid out 3:2.

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Perfect Pairs Blackjack Hitting

In the first place, we should clarify that the game adheres to the standard blackjack rules. Still, the only difference stems from the fact that in this game, there is an optional side bet. One of the most momentous rules of the game is that the dealer is required to hit on soft 17s. Unfortunately, this will not work much to your advantage due to the fact that the dealer will be in the frame for getting a better score. This will also mean that in such cases, the edge of the house will be further boosted.

Perfect Pairs Doubling Down

The option to double your original stake is one of the possible moves gambling enthusiasts can opt for while playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack. Perhaps, one of the most pleasing things about the game is that blackjack lovers are allowed to double down on any cards they are dealt. This sets the game apart from many of the other renditions of the classic casino game in which players are allowed to double down, provided that their hand has a specific total.

Apart from being able to double their original wager on any two cards, players should be aware that they can make use of this move even after they have split their hand.

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Perfect Pairs Splitting

Blackjack mavens who are intent on giving Perfect Pairs Blackjack a try should note that they will be allowed to split their hand as well. Splitting your first two cards is possible, on condition that your cards are of the same point value. In other words, players will also be able to split unlike cards, the value of which is ten points. It is essential to remember that in Perfect Pairs Blackjack, you will be allowed to split your hands just twice, which in other words means that the maximum number of hands you can play simultaneously is three. Once you have split your hands, you will be given the opportunity to complete them by drawing additional cards. Still, while playing this blackjack variation, you will not be allowed to re-split Aces.

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Perfect Pairs Insurance Bet

One of the side bets gamblers can take advantage of while playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack is the insurance bet. It becomes available when the visible card of the dealer is an Ace. Then, you will be asked whether you would like to buy insurance or not. Although such bets pay out 2:1 when the dealer has a blackjack, players should be aware that the house edge they will be facing will be fairly built up. That is the reason why many old hands might tell you to steer clear of this additional bet.

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Perfect Pairs Blackjack Side Bets

When playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack, gamblers’ choice is not limited solely to making their ordinary bet as they are allowed to make an additional bet that the cards they will be dealt will be of the same rank. It should be noted that the payouts you might potentially enjoy will be determined by the color and the suit of the cards you have got. In the event that you have a mixed pair, you will get a 6:1 payout. If you have made use of this side bet, and you are dealt a colored pair, the payout you will enjoy will be improved to 12:1. The best scenario is to get a perfect pair or in other words a pair which consists of two cards of the same rank and suit due to the fact that the payoff is 25:1.