Blackjack Pro

For those who are truly enjoying blackjack, there are numerous versions of the game available online. If you join a virtual casino powered by NetEnt, you will have the chance to enjoy a classy gaming experience thanks to Blackjack Pro. The software company has made sure that this blackjack variation entices with wonderful graphics and beneficial betting options. The game is played with 4 standard decks which are comprised of 52 playing cards. The expected return of Blackjack Pro is estimated to be 99.60%.

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Standing Rule in Blackjack Pro

The rule according to which the dealer either stands on soft 17 or hits on this total determines whether the house will gain a bigger advantage over the player. In Blackjack Pro, the dealer must hit until a total of 16. If the dealer’s hand totals to 17, whether it is soft or hard, the dealer must stand.

This rule gives players better chances to win the game as the dealer will not be able to improve his hand when holding any 17.

Doubling in Blackjack Pro

Whenever you play Blackjack Pro, you will have the chance to double your bet and draw an additional card to your hand. This is a great opportunity which allows you to enjoy a better outcome whenever you are confident in your gameplay.

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The great thing about Blackjack Pro is that it allows players to double their stake on any two cards. This is much better than other variations of the game where players are allowed to double down only on certain hands. Once you double down, you can draw only one card to complete your hand. Players are also allowed to double down after a split and, yet again, they will be able to draw only one card to their split hands.

Splitting in Blackjack Pro

Another option you can make use of when playing Blackjack Pro is splitting your hands. Whenever you draw a pair, you will be allowed to split your cards and form two separate hands. This will mean that you will double your initial wager as you will be playing with two hands at the same time.

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In addition to splitting pairs, you will be able to split two 10-value cards even if they are of a different denomination. For example, if you have a hand comprised of a Jack and a Queen, you will be allowed to split them and form two separate hands. Once you have split your pair, you can draw as many times as you wish. This, however, does not apply to Aces.

Players are allowed to split only once, meaning they can bet on a maximum of 2 hands at the same time. After a split, a combination of Ace and a 10-value card does not count as a natural blackjack.

Insurance Bet in Blackjack Pro

In Blackjack Pro, there is also the betting option of taking insurance. It is available whenever the dealer is showing an Ace and gives the players a chance to make a bet and win if the dealer reveals a blackjack. If you decide to take insurance, you will have to make an additional bet which is half the amount of your original stake.
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If the dealer really is holding a blackjack, those who have made use of this type of bet will enjoy a payout of 2 to 1 on their insurance. If the dealer, however, does not hold a blackjack, this type of bet is lost and the result of the game is determined on the hand that the player is holding and the hand of the dealer.

There is also the chance to be paid even money when the dealer is showing an Ace and you have a natural blackjack. If you accept this type of deal, you are paid even money instantly and the game round ends. It does not matter whether the dealer really holds a blackjack or not as you have already accepted the even-money offer.

Double Jack Side Bet

Some online casinos which offer Blackjack Pro also present players with the chance to make a side bet and possibly enjoy an extra payout. After they have made their standard blackjack bet, players can place the special Double Jack side bet.

This type of bonus bet is won whenever the first card of the player is a Jack. In addition to that, a pair of Jacks will bring even higher payouts to those who have made the side bet on Blackjack Pro. The highest payout of 100 to 1 is awarded for a pair of Jacks od the same suit of spades. Meanwhile, all other pairs of Jacks will award 25 times the player’s bet. Lastly, if only the first card of the player is a Jack, the side bet will pay 10 to 1.