Classic Blackjack

Among the hundreds of games that Microgaming has come out with over the last 25 years, its table games selection includes some of the best and most-played titles on the Internet. It is there that we find Classic Blackjack, a game made with the intention to present players with the authentic blackjack experience and give them a great time while at it. Classic Blackjack comes with a slew of excellent rules that will leave a lasting impression on you. For one, it is played with only a single 52-card deck, the dealer stands on soft 17s and the RTP values exceed 99%. In this review, we will take a comprehensive look at Classic Blackjack and provide you with in-depth information about this title.

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Basic Rules and Payouts

Classic Blackjack by Microgaming is one of the simplest games out there and it comes with some player-favorable rules, as well. For one, it is played with only a single deck of 52 cards, unlike many other variations which use six or eight. Furthermore, it has great betting limits, allowing for bets between $1.00 and $200 per hand. Much like any other blackjack title, the aim of Classic Blackjack is to have a better hand than the dealer without going over 21. Any winning hand will pay even money while forming a blackjack will pay 3:2.

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Insurance is available whenever the dealer draws an Ace as their first card. It is a means of protection against a dealer’s blackjack. You put down a side bet worth half of your main wager. Should the dealer actually hit a blackjack, the Insurance will pay 2:1, allowing you the recoup the cost of your main wager and keep your net balance the same.

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Generally, the Insurance bet is seen as unfavorable by most blackjack experts due to the fact that it does not provide a profit and the odds of the dealer scoring blackjack are lower than those against. As a result, it is advised to avoid this option. However, if you feel like it is in your favor, go for it.

Double Down

Double Down is an important move blackjack, increase your bet size x2. Knowing when to put down more money is vital knowledge if you want to see your bankroll swell. In Classic Blackjack, you can Double Down on your opening hand if it has a hard value of 9, 10, or 11. Doubling Down is not available after you have split a hand, however.


Splitting pairs is another interesting rule included in Classic Blackjack that you should make the best possible use of. You can separate any identical pairs into two independent hands and you place down one more bet for the extra hand. Each new hand can be either won or lost, depending on how you play. When you split Aces, you can add more cards to each hand. You can only split one hand for a maximum of two and Doubling Down is not enabled. Keep in mind that in order to split 10-value cards, both need to be of the same type. For example, you cannot split a Ten and a King, but you can split two Jacks.

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Classic Blackjack House Edge and RTP

Something else to consider about Classic Blackjack by Microgaming is the casino advantage inherent to the game. The blackjack genre, in general, has low house edge values, though Classic Blackjack has great odds even by those standards. Playing Classic Blackjack comes with a house edge of ~0.40%, which results in an RTP value of 99.60%. This ranks Classic Blackjack among the best online casino games that you can play in terms of odds and we recommend that you seriously give it a shot.